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The Centennial Anniversary of Sigma Gamma Rho: A Historical Look at the Sorority and Butler University

The Sorority's 75th Anniversary

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorors at Indianapolis Artsgarden, 1997

75th Diamond Jubilee, 1997, Indianapolis, Indiana. Sorors pose on the steps of the Indianapolis Artsgarden in downtown Indianapolis.

Sigma Gamma Rho Grand Basilei, 1997

Several past and serving Sigma Gamma Rho Grand Basilei standing around the cake celebrating the Sorority’s 75th anniversary during festivities in 1997. From left to right, Dr. Cleo S. Higgins (1962–1963), Dr. Annie Lawrence-Brown (1971–1976), Dr. Alice M. Swain (1980–1984), Corine J. Green (1992–1996), Dr. LaRona J. Morris (1996–2000), Dr. Katie White (1988–1992), and Evelyn Hood (1976–1980).

During the 1997 Boulé—the Diamond Jubilee Celebration—Sigma Gamma Rho celebrated the 75th anniversary of its founding. The Sorority held activities in Indianapolis that year, which included coming to Butler University’s campus.

The Sorority and the University installed memorial monuments and pieces on campus to commemorate the 75th anniversary. A stained glass window honoring the seven founders of Sigma Gamma Rho—Stained Glass Silhouettes—hangs in Atherton Union. A walking path made of bricks set with stained glass mosaics recognizing the Sorority’s chapters—Lifetime Legacy Lane—graces the southeast side of Atherton Union. Both were created by Alice Sasak of Wonderland Stained Glass in Gary, Indiana.

Sigma Gamma Rho 75th Anniversary Stained Glass Window

The stained glass window made in honor of the Founders of Sigma Gamma Rho entitled Stained Glass Silhouettes. The window was made in 1997 as part of the 75th anniversary of the Sorority and now hangs in Atherton Union at Butler University.

Sigma Gamma Rho 75th Anniversary Walking Path

A walking path commemorating the chapters of Sigma Gamma Rho entitled Lifetime Legacy Lane. The path was made in 1997 as part of the 75th anniversary of the Sorority and is located outside Atherton Union at Butler University.

During the Diamond Jubilee Celebration in 1997, Sigma Gamma Rho commissioned the National Education Fund (NEF) to prepare a time capsule. It contains materials documenting life and society during the late 1990s in addition to information on and select artifacts from Sigma Gamma Rho. NEF deposited the time capsule in Butler University's Special Collections, Rare Books, and University Archives in 1997, and its contents will be on exhibit during Sigma Gamma Rho’s 2022 Boulé celebrating the Sorority’s 100th anniversary.