Responsive Integrated Treatment Matching (RITM) Approach in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes


  • Kevin Roberts
  • Joe Graham
  • Thomas Edgington
  • Dana Coates
  • Camryn Stuart
  • Julianne Haines


This study investigated the effectiveness of a comprehensive, integrated approach to treating Type 2 Diabetes.  The authors hypothesized that using a Responsive Integrated Treatment Matching (RITM) approach to treating Type 2 Diabetes patients would produce a better outcome than a traditional care approach.  The RITM program utilizes psychological testing (Millon Behavioral Medicine Diagnostic) and a comprehensive psychological assessment to determine specific needs of each patients, and then matches individual treatments based on the results.  The study involved experimental and control groups, and measured patients’ HbA1c at the beginning and end of the study to determine improved outcomes.  The authors found a statistically significant improvement in HbA1c scores in the experimental group, suggesting that the RITM approach could improve outcomes in the treatment of diabetes.  Taking these findings into account may help improve treatment of diabetes, along with reducing healthcare costs and helping patients improve their health.

Keywords: diabetes, HbA1c, integrative medicine, psychological intervention, Motivational Interviewing, MBMD, treatment adherence


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