PALNI Press is committed to disseminating the diverse scholarly, creative, and educational content from PALNI-supported institutions and their academic communities, helping them meet their teaching and learning objectives. This service provides the capacity to create and host open access publications such as journals, textbooks, monographs, and digital exhibits, without the costs associated with program design or platform maintenance and hosting.  We aim to provide equal, equitable, and free access to content by all users throughout the world.  PALNI’s Publishing Services Admin Team will provide consultation and support for the PALNI Press service.


Faculty, staff, and students affiliated with a PALNI supported institution may propose an open access publication that supports the teaching and learning objectives of their institution.

See additional requirements for Journal Publishing Eligibility


Contributors publishing with PALNI Press agree to:

  1. Make the publication available under a Creative Commons license (CC-BY strongly recommended.  Authors retain their copyrights.). 
  2. Warrant that the submission does not infringe upon the rights of any third party, to the best of their knowledge (including only original, Creative Commons licensed (derivatives authorized), and/or public domain works).
  3. Grant PALNI non-exclusive rights required to publish, print, index, abstract, preserve, and migrate their content.  
  4. Acknowledge PALNI’s rights to include platform branding on submitted content and to remove content from its platforms.

PALNI and the Publishing Services Admin Team currently provide Basic Level Services for PALNI community publications, including:

  • Initial consultation and project setup
  • Introductory education on publishing related topics (Creative Commons, authors’ rights, etc.) 
  • Platform hosting and maintenance
  • Data backup (nightly server snapshots and weekly off-site backups) 
  • Provide and maintain documentation to use the system

Additionally, PALNI’s Publishing Services Admin Team is developing a service model for Platform Support, and can currently provide limited services in:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Training
  • Workflow design help

At this time, PALNI and the Publishing Services Admin Team do not provide services in the following areas, but these may be developed in the future:

  • Analytics
  • Archival (Backfile conversion and upload, Digitization, Digital preservation)
  • Community (Workshops, Interest group)
  • Discovery (Assigning document object identifiers (DOI), ISSN registration, Metadata creation, Search engine optimization, Accessibility compliance, Inclusion in institutional repository, Indexing in databases and directories)
  • Editorial (Policy design, Editorial processes, Author agreements, Peer review support)
  • Marketing & Design (Outreach materials and support, Theme planning and implementation, Graphic design, Site design, Development of Figures/Charts/Graphs)
  • Production (Layout and typesetting, Proofreading, Copyediting, Copyright review, Plagiarism detection, Print services)


PALNI Press publications are available to view for free online and many are licensed for reuse under a Creative Commons license. Intellectual property rights are managed in accordance with applicable laws. PALNI is the platform provider, and does not claim copyright ownership of content hosted by the PALNI Press.  Use of the PALNI Press or platform logos does not constitute ownership of publications. All materials made openly available must be done so with the consent of the copyright owner or in the public domain.  It is the responsibility of each institution to seek and maintain documentation of ownership and distribution rights for their posted digital content. Any requests to take down submissions will be handled on a case by case basis, in consultation with the originating institution as appropriate. All content can be returned to corresponding institutions and deleted from servers upon request and at no cost. 

While not able to provide legal advice, members of the PALNI Publishing Services Admin Team are available to provide copyright education.


PALNI Press is committed to disseminating scholarly, creative, and educational content of affiliated PALNI institutions and their academic communities. Apart from the primary objective of hosting and promoting contributor scholarship (depositing content, alerting users/viewers to deposited works), neither PALNI nor its platform services will share contributor or public user information with other third-party entities for commercial purposes. Only aggregated, anonymized data is collected for site usage and analysis. 


PALNI is comprised of two dozen academic institutions adhering to differing missions, research areas, and pursuits in scholarship. PALNI Press is thereby a mechanism to collect, highlight, and promote member institutions’ varying scholastic and creative output as well as the different media and viewpoints in which such work is expressed. Diversity in authors, peer-reviewers, and editorial groups for publications is welcome and encouraged. In addition to facilitating new student and faculty contributions within the field of scholarly publishing, PALNI Press fosters and promotes equal, equitable, and free access to its hosted content by all users throughout the world.


Open Access means open and accessible to all. For PALNI Press, this means giving readers the flexibility to access digital resources that everyone can use. PALNI Press authors and editorial groups are strongly encouraged to consider and apply accessibility best practices in creating and disseminating their publications.

The PALNI Publishing Services Admin Team can provide guidance in this area.


Visit the PALNI website to learn more about PALNI, its mission, vision, values, and policies regarding respect in the work place and open access.