Pressbooks @ PALNI

PALNI hosts an instance of Pressbooks at

To get started: fill out the form to  Request an open access publication project consultation. You can also email the Publishing Services Admin Team at

About Pressbooks

Pressbooks is an open source book authoring and editing platform, based on WordPress.  It creates interactive web versions and downloadable formats like PDF. Pressbooks can be used to publish:

  • Original open textbooks
  • Adaptations or remixes of existing open textbooks
  • Monographs

Pressbooks User Guide: This extensive guide (presented using Pressbooks) explores what authors can do with this platform and provides answers to common questions.

Pressbooks Training Videos: A collection of tutorial videos on using the Pressbooks online book writing and publishing software platform.

Pressbooks Accessibility: This web page links to a current VPAT and other accessibility information.