Love in the wake of violence


  • Wilma Derksen

Author Biography

Wilma Derksen

Wilma Derksen is best known for her work in victimization due to the murder of her daughter, but her real passion has always been to be known as an author. Ever since she penned her first sentence in public school she has been a closet writer with a novel in her bottom drawer. It was this writing passion that helped her find expression for her grief. She is a graduate of Creative Communication from Red River Community College, worked as a Western Regional Editor for ten years, authored six books regarding trauma and murder, and published two historical novels. Now as a Certified Executive Coach, she is using her coaching opportunities to help others find the story within themselves. She is developing a curriculum for “Writing your life story†and creating self-publishing support through Amity Publishers. She is also presently a pastor at Maplecrest Church in Winnipeg.