Guiding thoughts for the study of the faith

Reflections from Guatemalan Mennonites


  • Mario Higueros Semilla
  • Carol Keeney
  • John Driver


Guatemala, mennonites, confession


We are pleased to have, for our issue on confession, this document compiled by Mario Higueros for facilitating the study of the proposed confession of faith of the Guatemalan Evangelical Mennonite Church. We regret that we lack space to print the entire document. Printed here are selected reflections representing points at which the document seems to us to contrast most vividly with the North American Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective. We also felt that North American readers would benefit from some contextualization, so we posed some questions about the document, to which Higueros graciously replied. That interview follows an introduction and the selected reflections. We are grateful to Carol Keeney for translating the reflections and to John Driver for conducting and translating the interview.


Author Biography

Mario Higueros, Semilla

Mario Higueros has been a member of the board of elders of the Casa Horeb Mennonite congregation in Guatemala City and served as coordinator of the pastoral team in 1999. Since 1987 he has been academic dean of SEMILLA, the Latin American Anabaptist seminary in Guatemala, and is adjunct faculty in peace, justice, and biblical interpretation at Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary.