For the best interest of the child

Co-parenting after separation


  • Cathrin van Sintern-Dick


divorce, separation, co-parenting, parenting, family, decision-making, children, communication, conflict resolution


Moving forward as a family after parent's separate requires finding common ground to build on, often centered on The Best Interest for the Child. However, this term itself is subject to interpretation. Who decides what is in the best interest of the child? In cases where parents, either on their own or with legal assistance, cannot address matters concerning their children according to family law, who will make those decisions? In most cases, it will be a judge—a third party who is often unknown to the parents and not chosen by them—to determine the future of their ongoing family life. Is that the answer?

Author Biography

Cathrin van Sintern-Dick

Cathrin van Sintern-Dick is an accredited family mediator and intergenerational mediator with the Ontario Association for Family Mediation since 2023. She is an ordained minister with Mennonite Church Eastern Canada. Cathrin immigrated to Canada from Germany in 2003. She calls Southwestern Ontario her home, admittedly the longest she has ever lived anywhere.