Contribution of Excellence Award

 Αρετή is an ancient Greek word meaning excellence or virtue and can be described as reaching your full potential. The Arete: Journal of Excellence in Global Leadership annually highlights a contributor (or contributors from one submission) who has reached their full potential as reflected in their submission.  

 The award committee that is derived from the editorial board will select one submission to be awarded the annual Contribution of Excellence designation. The annual award considers contributors that most effectively identify the hypothesis stated in their submission and ultimately provides added value to the field of study. The editorial board award committee will evaluate the submissions within the published volumes each calendar year using the following scale: 

  • 1) Global- Strategies that are impactful on a global level.
    1. How does the submission incorporate a world view?
    2. How does the submission contribute to a global society?
  • 2) Cross-disciplinary- Initiatives that draws the best from one discipline and can be applied to another discipline.
    1. Are the initiatives introduced and/or described considered best practices?
    2. How can the initiatives that are introduced and/or described be applied in more than one-branch of knowledge?
  • 3) Relevance- Content is relevant to current environment.
    1. Does the content reflect the current state or anticipated future state of the field of study?
  • 4) Thought provoking- Content encourages deep scholarly analysis.
    1. Does the submission encourage academic stimulation and further inquiry?
  • 5) Innovativeness- Contributions apply creative application of ideas and theories.
    1. How does the submission implement a dynamic synergy of new ideas? 
  • 6) Cultural Awareness- Content that values and encourages a global mindset.
    1. How does this submission create an awareness of cultural intelligence while encouraging a global mindset?
  • 7) Diversity- Contributes to inclusivity.
    1. How does the submission embrace equality?
    2. Holistically does the submission recognize diverse initiatives?

The submission winner(s) will be presented with a COE certificate at the annual Global Leadership Institute Conference held at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College. The submission winner(s) is also recognized through various media outlets alongside the Global Leadership Institute. The next award will be presented in 2025.

Congratulations: 2023 Contribution of Excellence (COE) winning manuscript by Nicole Potts & William Michels