Vol. 15 No. 2 (2014): Joy

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From the editorial:

During the first Palestinian Intifada, I was part of a global delegation held in Jerusalem in 1990. We spent several days in Gaza. We heard heard expressions of fear and frustration. And we witnessed joy. In my naïveté, I wondered: How can this be? How can people know joy amid such incredible adversity? This issue of Vision on joy is rooted in the questions about joy raised by that time in Gaza. Joy is easily trivialized or sentimentalized. The things that lurk in the dark in the middle of the night taunted me with the suggestion that this issue could become Vision’s version of a Hallmark card. I will let you make your own assessment. But mine is that our writers have given the lie to those insidious two-in-the-morning voices.

Published: 2014-10-01

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